The Healing Wave of Winchester

Centre for Network Spinal Analysis

Melvyn Foey, Doctor of Chiropractic

Comments from Practice Members

"Network Spinal Analysis has changed my outlook on most things. Being fully aware, present in my body and breathing correctly has made a huge change to my life and my wellbeing. I am now more positive, well, fit and feel great, all the symptoms I used to have are long gone. I especially felt the benefits of network while pregnant twice in 19 months! Both of my pregnancies were enjoyable and easy, I felt fit with no back or other pain and hardly put any weight on. I had two straightforward home water births with no medical assistence, both of my beautiful babies breastfed immediately and fed well into their toddlerhood. I believe that without network I would not have had this type of experience. I am very grateful to Melvyn for all his help, healing, support and kindness. Thank you!"

Dear Blanka and Melvyn,
It's not easy to express the benefits of the comprehensive healing you provide in a few words, but here's mine:
"On my first visit, it was like replacing a pair of old worn-out shoes with grit inside them with a new pair of Nike Air trainers, only for the whole body. I came out feeling completely free, lighter, and back into a tailor-made body. The comfort and relief reminded me of how we were designed to be."

"I am expecting baby number 3 and the treatment has been invaluable. I am so much less stressed and am finding it easier to run around after two toddlers. I know this would have been almost impossible had I not had the treatment from Melvyn.
My overall health, lifestyle and well-being has seen a huge positive change. I am eating healthily and my entire attitude to life has become more positive. I have not felt this well since I was a care-free teenager! I would most definitely recommend this chiropractic treatment as it is totally non invasive and Melvyn's calm and friendly approach really helps one to feel relaxed and restored."

Catherine J, Park Gate

"The chiropractic treatment has avoided spinal orthopaedic specialist fusion surgery and has eliminated , for 7 years, life-long suffering of back, sciatic, and neck pain which conventional medicine could not cure. Osteopathic and conventional chiropractic manipulation could only achieve relief for limited periods.
Melvyn's kind, gentle “hands on” techniques encourage relaxation and breath control have, at the age of 73, made me fitter, and pain free and have even helped in reducing my high blood pressure. But because the body requires time to respond to the self-healing process it is not a “quick fix” and regular treatment are essential to attain mental relaxation and structural equilibrium.
I regard this as my first form of “Health Insurance” which benefits both mind&body without a single drug or invasive test. For children the benefits are invaluable for establishing their future wellness at the earliest possible age.
Doubters may question a treatment that is pure pleasure but I recommend that it be experienced before being dismissed. For my wife and I Melvyn's treatment will always be an essential part of our lives!"

Hilary & Brian, Kingsworthy

"I would highly recommend the work done by Melvyn Foey at The Healing Wave to anyone who wishes to grow and to embrace change. I have experienced an increasing freedom in my body and breathing, together with a new sense of open-heartedness and inner relaxation. In fact when I sat down to list the changes that Network has enabled me to make they proved to be physical, practical, emotional and spiritual, and affected every area of my life. The entrainments are quite different from other chiropractic work, being very gentle and unscary, and are a highly effective way to clear old unwanted behaviour patterns. I am very grateful Melvyn, thank you."
L.R, Winchester

"This gentle form of treatment and kind understanding approach has been amazing. On a physical level it releases the everyday tensions and anxieties and over time has made me able to move forward in my life and to make sense out of my confusion and allow me to start making changes for the better. I am eternally grateful for being introduced to Melvyn and his extraordinary talents."
V.B, Salisbury

"I have finally accepted and worked through many of my past tensions and crises – Thankyou!"

"I feel much better than I have felt for years. My Spine is so much more flexible so I can now do a days gardening without the pain I had for years!"

"I feel much more comfortable now with my body."

"I am much more relaxed and focused with my sport now."

"I spent many years on incapacity benefit – I am now able to work with a vitality which was inconceivable before NSA treatment."