The Healing Wave of Winchester

Centre for Network Spinal Analysis

Melvyn Foey, Doctor of Chiropractic

Archive of Events

NSA - How To Discover, Transform And Awake To Your True Potential! A Free Talk by Dr. Melvyn Foey. Wednesday 14th 1pm.

An Introduction To Network Spinal Analysis / The 3 Levels Of Care on Tuesday 28th February

TRANSFORM INTO 2012. SRI Workshop With Matthew Anello On Monday 16th January.

Deepen Discover SRI Workshop With Matthew Anello On Monday 12th December

Advanced/Discover SRI Workshop With Matthew Anello On Thursday 10th November

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Saturday 9th July and Sunday 10th July 2011
Two Clear Days at The Healing Wave with David Breitbach

Sunday 9th January 2011
Clear Day With David Breitbach


Dr. David Breitbach
The Photogallery of the Event

Sunday 22nd November 2009
Clear Day with David Breitbach

Saturday 27th June 2009
Clear Day with our visiting celebrity David Breitbach

Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Activate Your Inner Brilliance - A Bright Life U Workshop with Dr. David Breitbach

Where: The Healing Wave of Winchester office of Dr. Melvyn Foey

The Key to a Bright Life

This Workshop will bring you an understanding, a framework, and an experience of Activating Your Inner Brilliance. You will take home a new perspective with steps you can take each day.

The Bright Life 4 Cís and the Three Principles of Clarity will be presented with demonstration and you will have the opportunity to experience the wholeness of Embrightening.

Clear Day in Marina di Ragusa, Sicily, October 2008