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Deep Memory Process

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Is a method of transforming and releasing trauma in the body, mind and spirit through one process. It combines Jungian Active Awareness with Reichian Body Awareness in a psychodramatic replay of past life visions that are presented for resolution.

Deep Memory Process is a combination of Freudian/Post Freudian Psychoanalysis, Jungian Analytical Therapy, Psychodrama, Reichian Bodywork, Spiritualism Tibetan Buddism, Yoga and Shamanism. These disciplines combine an abundant source of wisdom based knowledge and technique through which access to deep memory blocks may be achieved to promote catharsis and movement. The aim is to free the stuck energy from the past trauma and therefore open up natural pathways of vitality and healing.

The aim of the therapy is as follows:

It is not necessary to believe in past lives to embrace this therapy, however, an openness towards an inner journey of exploration via your imagination and a willingness to confront and resolve your blocks and inhibitions is important. So often we find ourselves repeating the same behaviour over and over again compulsively and long to be able to move on with a more empowered and enabled self.

Benefits of Deep Memory Process

Therapies such as Deep Memory Process and Regression Therapy are often the last resort for clients with problems that they have found untreatable through more conventional treatments. There is research evidence of beneficial results with regression therapy for conditions such as Tourettes syndrome and the auditory hallucinations associated with schizophrenia. Large scale practice research of varied clinical presentations suggests an improvement in about 60% of patients with respect to physical symptoms and 40% encountered improved physical relationships, with a five year follow up in another study suggesting 24% found physical symptoms had completely gone with a further 23% showing considerable or dramatic improvement ( 1).
Benefits of this therapy may be however far reaching into life, such as forgiveness and letting go of a painful past which are impossible to quantify.

(1) Reference
Healing the Eternal Soul, A. Tomlinson. Orca Book Services. 2005.

The Process

A meeting is usually arranged beforehand to discuss eligibility for this therapy during which a psychological history will be taken and you will be free to ask further questions about whether this treatment is suitable for your condition and requirement. There is no charge for this meeting. Some practice with hypnosis may be useful, or inner visualisation skills that can be obtained in a variety of disciplines. Reading any of the source books would also be extremely helpful. More bodywork (such as network spinal analysis and/or somatorespiratory integration) or psychotherapeutic intervention may be suggested as adjuncts to this therapy. We believe healing here is a sacred act therefore the process here involves the reading of poetry and short meditation.

The Therapist

Melvyn Foey is a professional graduate of Woolger Training International. He has been involved with the human potential movement for over 14 years and has a background in NLP, Chiropractic and Network Spinal Analysis. He is a registered Doctor of Chiropractic and lectures regularly on healing consciousness. He believes Deep Memory Process enables healing release and integration to take place at a profound level.


A two hour session is the minimum charged at £50/hour. Several sessions may be necessary to more successfully deal with a particular issue or complaint. However this is highly dependent on individual needs and circumstances.

Contact Dr. Melvyn Foey, BSc.(Hons), DpBA, BSc. Chiro. DC

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