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Melvyn Foey, Doctor of Chiropractic

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Doctor Melvyn Foey with his daughter

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Melvyn Foey is one of the foremost fully certified practitioners of Network Spinal Analysis (formally Network Chiropractic) in the United Kingdom having practiced using this healing modality for over 15 years. He was formally a successful stockbroker/fund manager initially with a degree in applied biology (pharmacology) and post graduate business administration, holding two directorships in the City of London. His involvement in the global markets and the pharmaceutical industry left him convinced there must be another way for humanity and particularly health consciousness to evolve from its present position.
Seeing the need to move past trauma in the personal and global body he therefore trained as a chiropractor. Through his studies he had made the connection that the body (hence spinal function) held the tension and therefore it was to the body one must go to heal. So many people appeared to be out of contact with their body where the feeling function was held that a return to the conscious body seemed one of the few ways forward that had not been explored fully.

During his training at the AECC in Bournemouth he became acquainted with the successful history of mental health and chiropractic and was introduced by a colleague to the work of Donald Epstein, the founder of Network Chiropractic (as it was then called) with its emphasis on a pathway of ease and awareness connected to the release of body stuck-ness and emotions. He has practiced in this way since 1994 in Hampshire, London and Cornwall, presently residing in Winchester in the last 8 years. His personal interest is communicating the healing journey through music and poetry and connecting the work with other methodologies such as depth psychology and taoism.

"Network Chiropractic has now evolved into Network Spinal Analysis which is a hugely sophisticated healing modality coming under the heading of Reorganisational Healing. The work always aims to lift the patient/practice member through stages of healing/seasons of wellness/levels of care to a higher level of growth and flexibility previously unimaginable to their former state. In this way real change can occur and perhaps the world can be healed “one spine at a time”!
Other therapies may also be used to aid this process such as Roger Woolger’s Deep Memory Process to allow a higher light to shine on the existential stuck-ness and separately another chiropractic technique Koren Specific Technique for particular symptomatic presentation.
Whatever therapy is used there is always a profound regard for the individuality and humanity of each patient/practice member. We believe Life Energy must flow, grounding each individual, and so rise up in the personal and collective body to connect to higher insight and wisdom through breath, energy and movement. In this way power, awareness and emotion can return to lighten our journey at this confusing and challenging time!"